Pet Trainer quest confusion-duplicate quests?

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Ok with my Horde characters I completed the Kalimdor and The Eastern Kingdoms pet trainer quests and did the quests that had the list of trainers to defeat.
After I completed thos I then challenged the Winterspring and Deadwind pass Battle Tamers and now have the daily open.
But then I am not sure how, I got the "Battle Tamers - Kalimdor" Quest a second time, with a list of all the battle tamers Ive already defeated.
but oddly, I did not get "Battle Tamers - Eastern Kingdoms" a second time.
why not? why did I get Kalimdor a second time and not Eastern kingdoms?
Is it possible to get Eastern Kingdoms a second time as well?

To add to the confusion, I also received the next Outlands battle tamers quest.
Except the quest is duplicated in my log and I received it twice.
I dont really understand how this happened either. Will it I get twice the rewards too?

The only thing I can think of is that I switch between playing Alliance and Horde.

Oh and another confusing thing...on my alliance character I have now been sent to defeat a level 2 battle trainer, it looks like im starting the path all over again from level 1 again but this time on alliance.
Is it possible to redo the quests by switching sides?
Can anyone offer any advice on how the battle tamers quests work?
Wish I could help but i'm in the same boat as you. I play horde and alliance as well and have had to do everything twice and actually the whole kalimdor line 3 times.
I'm just assuming they are a bit buggy being new and all and it's going to take a bit to work out the kinks for folks that play both sides.
That being said I just went ahead and did em all on both sides. When your done you end up with 1 daily for each continent no matter what faction you do em on. At least for me thats how it's worked out.
The horde battle tamer quest was bugged for some time. For awhile there, it was acting like a daily. Not sure if that is what you are describing or not though since it stopped doing that for me as of Patch 5.1.

Edit: Regarding getting the quest for the Outlands Tamers twice. I got that too... once for my hordies and once for my alliance. Each set of tamers had the quests duplicated in this way. That may also be what you are experiencing.

I did do the complete set of tamer quests on both horde and alliance.

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