Excuses(H) Recruiting!

Hi there.

<Excuses> is a weekend raiding guild looking for experienced players to fill out our 10-man roster. We raid from 8PM-Midnight server on Friday and Saturday. Currently 6/6 Heroic MV and 1/6 Heroic HoF. We would have attempted further bosses; however, our main tank went on vacation and we haven't had a steady 10th in a while. We're in need of a WARLOCK or PRIEST DPS!

Feel free to send a tell or mail to myself, Truffnstuff, or Tomitake in-game if you're interested or have any questions!
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Disc Priest, Feral Druid and Windwalker Monk are looking for a place to call home. We all live in Oregon and all work in the Technology field. Ages 27-33. The three of us have been playing on KJ since Vanilla. One of us an officer and class lead for <Premonition> back in the day, the other two of us playing with <Virus> since BC. We have extensive raiding experience and are dedicated and loyal fellows. We have all either been officers in our guilds or raid leads at some point and are excited in what we bring to a guild. All three of us have taken long breaks from the game at one point or another (Druid after Naxx in Vanilla, Monk after Sunwell in BC and our Priest after being Guild master during Ulduar). However now it looks as though the stars have aligned so we can tackle raids together. We are looking for a progression guild, but because we are a bit older now, the 6pm-12am raid for 5 nights just aren't feasible considering our real life commitments. Looking for a guild that starts raiding at 8pm or later and raids 2-3 nights per week, putting in solid work on Heroic Modes on a weekly basis. Although we are looking for progression to try to live the days of past, mostly we are looking for a great core of people to share our time with. Whether you're a guild that needs a few more experienced players or a established guild that needs to add a few bodies for an second raid team we are there. We come to raid repaired, with consumables, microphones, fights researched, and great attitudes. We're solid additions, just need a tribe to roll with.
Contact one of the names listed above in game and it can be discussed at further length, but our raid is already stocked entirely full of DPS and melee DPS especially. Might not be the best of fits for you.

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