Carousel of Wonder

Moon Guard
So, I've been sitting in the Darkmoon Faire for a couple hours now just sitting on the carousel, alt-tabbed doing my usual browsing and I can't help but feel I've become this merry-go-round's slave.

I -love- eerie carnival music. And the chimes are splendid. The tune is just relaxing for me to listen to. It also happen to love the Karazhan Opera Music. <3

Am I too far gone?

What place in WoW do you find yourself strangely attracted to, be it the music or the scenery?
I was sitting right behind you until I realized I really needed to get this paper for school done.
The carousel is awesome.

And am I alone in this, or does the music remind anyone else of Majora's Mask?

Every time I hop on I flash back to the clock tower and the mask seller.
Hehe, Volk. :D I saw. Figured you got bored and took off.

And Kurze, I keep getting reminded of the carnival you can head to in Bully. Loved that game. But yeah, very much Majora's Mask.
I hope not because I'm right there with you!

Now to figure out the macro command to be able to listen anywhere!

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