Nerd rankings!

Thought some of the bigger dorks of Barth would appreciate this site:

It basically evaluates your character and adds a fictitious value to it.
Here's the Barthilas section:

Why am I #15? There must be a hidden Cute Value in there or something.
Got that won by miles.
#91 ... *Achieve whoring time*
#110, how?
so what does it mean if 4 of my chars are within the top 90 :S
My account it worth $15,000? ez.
wonder what its all based off. for some reason my dru and war made it.
first page if i had actually done anything this xpac id be an ez #1
this is obviously rigged

its p much an achievement point ladder

if it took into account a characters pvp history or how famous they are i would be at the top of the list

narr it's more a feat of strength ladder, pretty garbo tbh who cares about feats they don't even give you points

edit: oh they changed the site, still garbo but at least you can see now what they base it on.
I'm willing to part ways with my panda for the price listed
12/04/2012 06:48 PMPosted by Gladjacent
My account it worth $15,000? ez.

Thought your account would be worth the most? Being the best and all.
$5722.72 converted to AUD only $5463.22. Damn that high aussie dollar.
Friday-Barthilas for president
for $3k I'd gladly give up my toon and start again from scratch
Good find Vayuu haha
12/04/2012 08:41 PMPosted by Tarv
wonder what its all based off. for some reason my dru and war made it.

takes stats from the armory and puts the numbers through some kind of equation or something, seems to factor in titles, pets, ach pts, professions, level ($405 seems to be added for level 90), and 'pvp'.
Wonder if there are differences in weighting different categorical values, or how arena is weighted in 'pvp' compared to bgs or general hk counts...
p.s. Torpy is still the top dork on Barth, really expected more from you people! aha
12/05/2012 04:14 PMPosted by Mutator
Good find Vayuu haha

Yay i feel important top 13 :D

Probs all my cheeve horing :S?

Seems biased though
#111 lmfao
its all about the looks though so obvs inaccurate

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