Weak Auras

I currently have an aura for SW: Death that triggers when tgt is <= 20%. It works, but stays up even after tgt dies. Just wondering if anyone knows how to set up an aura that will trigger at <= 20% health, but go away when tgt dies.

If you haven't found a solution yet:

you could add a 2nd trigger checking if the target is alive, or you could change the Hide from "Automatic" to "Custom" and set it to Health < 1 or Health = 0 or something similar, which should work.
Not sure how to adjust the hide/show but im about to tinker with it and try ur recommendations. Thx much for the feedback. I'll update you with any results, or lack there of.

The 2nd trigger added (a check for health = 0) made it work out perfect..Thx for your recommendation.


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