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One of the features of Mac OS X Mountain Lion that I like to use periodically is being able to hit the FN key twice and speak a quick statement, and the Mac types it up for me.

However, this doesn't appear to work in WoW. Is this a bug, or just a feature that hasn't been implemented?
The Speech Recognition feature has to be implemented in the application. If it's an app like Chrome or Evernote that uses standard input, then the speech component will work. If it's a custom text entry method, like most games, then it has to somehow hook into OS features for them to work.
Dictation does work in WoW.

The dictation feature kind of works for OS X 10.8+. The dictation feature will only work with our game when a custom shortcut is used.

You can choose a custom shortcut by:
1. Going to the System Preferences -> Dictation & Speech
2. Select "Customize..." from the Shortcut menu.
^^ This.

The double 'fn' key method isn't recognized by the game, so a customer shortcut is required.
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