[A]Slash Hug 25m -3 days- 16/16H LFM

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12/08/2012 04:13 PMPosted by Index
lf qt gurls
Hey guys! <3
Upping the ante. Trialing and passing said trial will reward you with a portrait drawn by myself, a chance to hear the lovely melodic tones of my voice singing a wow parody, and said parody will be any song of your choosing.
Must use this reference to redeem said possible reward.
Hey guys! <3
Hello everyone!!!

I'm a 482 Prot Pally that is looking for a guild that takes raiding progression seriously.

My raiding progression:
Mogu'Shan Vaults 10m (4/6)

Heart of Fear 10m (2/6)

Terrace of the Endless Springs 10m (0/4)

I've grown tired of the lack of raiding in my current server and with the Alliance in general, so I'd be willing to transfer realms and faction change if need be.

Add me on real ID if you'd like to discuss more?

Still looking for them apps.
needs moar dps
Protector tokens just wasting away.

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