[H] <Lineage> Level 25 is recruiting.

Lineage is a mature adult base (10m) PvE /PvP guild. Our doors are currently open for recruitment and we are seeking raiders, PvPers, casuals, levelers and raid fill-ins.

A little about us-
We are a small group of friends that Xfer here right before MoP to find more solid players in PvE/PvP. Our old server was very dead during Cata , so we all decided to go Horde and Xfer servers to here and start fresh. Most of us have been playing since BC and raiding since then too.
Most of us here have jobs and families which doesn't allow all of our free time to the game.
This is a great place to enjoy the game and still have a real life too!

Our raid days/times are - Tues, Wed & thurs 7-10 pm server time (8-11 EST)
We are in need of 1 TANK with a DPS OS for our raid team.
We are also in need of a few PvPers for a guild RBG team(RBG Leading exp A+)

In closing- it's great to be here and we have met alot of wonderful people so far. So if you want to be a part of a fast growing guild , please feel free to whisper me in game or any of our members. Thank you!
Bump for a LEET tank

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