LF profession suggestions for alt stats bonus

Hi, basically I'm looking for the easiest professions to power level up for my alt priest once he gets level 90. I want the bonus prof stats (~320 extra from most of them) but I want to try and put as little money and time into it as neccessary. I'm sure others are doing this for thier alts with little care in what prof they actually take.
alch and inscription are usually by far the cheapest.
Thanks for the reply. Could anyone else confirm this or have a different opinion?
Depends if you've been working on the professions as you go or not, but Inscription and Alchemy are solid choices.
Nothing wrong with the herbalism/skinning bonuses if it's an alt and you don't want to pour a lot of resources into them.
What are you going to do with the alt?

If you're not going to be progression raiding, even the bonuses from gathering professions are just fine, and outside of the time needed, they are "free" to level.
As for alchemy, isn't there a really painful goldthorn bottleneck at some point early on?
It's not really that painful. Even if goldthorn is 20g each on your server it is still only 700-800g for that part.

Tailoring needs 800+ silk cloth lol.
Any thoughts on how enchanting is? You could farm mats during expensive stretches.
Enchanting is almost as cheap as Herb/Alch now. You don't need to make rods any more which takes a lot of the expense out. You need to hunt around a bit to get the cheap recipes to avoid needing to use Illusion Dust/Eternal Essence though.
12/07/2012 10:32 PMPosted by Hoimen
You need to hunt around a bit to get the cheap recipes to avoid needing to use Illusion Dust/Eternal Essence though.

That part's easy now. Ask a friend to join your party on an enchanter, then go clean out Naxx. AOE loot and auto DE the greens, DE boss drops, and have the friend shatter the abyss crystals for you after you're done.

I don't think he even has to come into the instance to use auto-DE, though I could be wrong about that.
Unless I'm mistaken, Naxx is level 80 now, you can't get illusion dust from it :)

In any case, it's much easier to just buy the recipe for Fortitude to boots and shield and use those all the way to 300. Dream dust is like 1g each.
Oh...illusion dust. I was thinking of inifinite dust. You could do the same sort of thing in BRS, I guess. But only with greens. No nexus shatter.

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