Either give us a better way of

reviving our pet besides the 8min cd of heart of pheonix (rofl 8min or was it 10?)


Make it into a 4 second cast, it's still hard to get off if people are training me after my pet is dead (no master's call, or pet cc). And if I choose to sacrifice deterrence to get it off then I think it's a fair trade.
The problem of pets dying started when they made pets no longer benefit from resilience. All pets from a hunter, warlock and dk USED to share their master's resilience and it seemed fair imo. Now they are just beefier npc mobs.

Heart of Phoenix should be a ferocity talent, true because pets sometimes die in pve dungeons and raids, but it should ALSO be a cunning talent , which is the intended pvp spec for pets. And yes some talents can be non exclusive for spec. Some might argue that HOTP is exclusive for ferocity only, but the dash talent quickly stifles that argument as both ferocity and cunning have it. Both specs should also have HOTP.
The worst part is that every other pet class can resummon (i.e. rez) their pet every minute or so.
Pet Abilities - Shared CD for the same ability (i.e. no chain monkies or BRezzes)
Call Pet - Instant, works while an active pet exists (alive or dead). Current pet stays in effect for 3 seconds, and then the pets swap. Cannot Call your current active pet.
Dismiss Pet - Instant, pet despawns after 3 seconds.
Revive Pet - 25 second channel, revives a pet every 5 seconds (starting with your active pet, as needed).
HOTP - Should apply to any pet, regardless of spec, IMO.

Our pet slot now has 5 lives (6 counting in one HotP) per Revive Pet "channel". Still takes a decent amount of time to revive one pet (i.e. Active one), but you can always just swap out Deady for StillBreathing.

Edit: Corrected channel time
Hint: Mend Pet
I think the long rez time is the point of it. Otherwise, there's no reason to kill the hunter pet. 2ndly, this is why I prefer MM over BM. I don't depend on my pet as much.
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Hint: Mend Pet

Even glyphed, Mend Pet will not prevent anyone from blowing up the pet in a short manner...except for maybe a healer or PVP tank.

12/05/2012 10:29 AMPosted by Dungflinger
I think the long rez time is the point of it. Otherwise, there's no reason to kill the hunter pet. 2ndly, this is why I prefer MM over BM. I don't depend on my pet as much.

There is a point where the strategy is too efficient. Being stuck with a long cast rez, or a long CD, as the only means to re-activate your pet slot, as a BM hunter especially, is severly damaging, and it is too easy to kill a pet as they don't benefit from Resilience (probably not penalized due to PVP power either, but we saw in Cata that without Resilience, pets are squishy).

Locks, Mages and DKs all have short CDs on the instant summon (longer in the locks case, 2 min for Demo, but the base summon is 5 secs vs Revive Pet's 6, and HotP on some pets at 8 min)

I have a solution.

-Roll mm/survival
-Pet on Passive
-Use for stuns and/or Roar of Sacrifice


that or Mend pet or Exhilaration.

1) BM needs to be viable too
2) Passive doesn't prevent the team from targeting the pet, which negates several key pieces of utility, even on MM/SV

My suggestion above doesn't make pets any stronger. It streamlines pet swaps, but still enforces the delay so you can't instant dismiss a pet under fire. While a dead pet still hurts (losing the utility specific to that pet), you have 4 more to use for your general pet abilities.

HotP (at 8 min CD) is just a 6th pet on a 8 min CD. Shared across all pets, so only one gets the instant rez.

Bringing back your entire menagerie is more similar to "hard-summoning" each of the pets, compared to a lock. In a locks case, he only ever has to "rez" one pet at a time. For the hunter, 5 dead pets means 25 seconds of nothing but rezzing in order to get all of your pet lives back.

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