Brawler's Guild-Yikkan Izu

I seen alot of topics on the brawler guild in the hunter section,about being stuck on a certain boss or how to do it,I am currently facing Yikkan Izu,who hits like a truck when not being kited. I find it hard to keep his birds and damage to a decent amount,and end up getting railroaded once my pet goes down. I tried both as Survival and BM and have no luck yet so far!

If anybody can throw tips or ideas at me,or even talk would be great,since I'm on a small realm even with cross realmers,and see little to none hunter wise who is at my rank or doing it all together!
I just bursted him down and ignored his adds entirely. BM kills him in seconds.
Really? My pet just gets hit like a !@#$% though when I stand there and try to burn,I even use a turtle for a tanking pet,though I pop my lust beforehand.
this is a fight ive seen so many people fail on. best thing ive seen so far is to kill 2 lil birdies then let his enrage stacks drop then kill the remaining 3, afterwards you can aoe them down as they spawn in packs of 4 and you have no danger of enraging him, if your pet goes down outside of enrage i would suggest picking up exhilaration as its a full pet heal and can be done again at short notice with ready. If your pet still refuses to say alive drop frost traps, have your conq shot handy and maybe the explosive knockback, but for the love of god DO NOT ENRAGE HIM
I think there is something wrong with this boss now. I one shotted him on feral - 0 issues. But on hunter I can't kill him for 3 days already.

After you kill initial birds, 5 seconds later somehow there is a good dozen of them. Pet getting killed through Last Stand. Seriously retarded now...

Update: killed an hour later with ilvl 478. Bottom line - don't try to tank this fight unless you are in heroic gear (pet will scale?). Birds re-spawn VERY fast, but we gotta keep up with it.

Tactic that worked for me: aoe spec (TotH for MS spam, Lynx Rush, Barrage). Prepot, 3 traps in the middle (snakes, explosion and ice). Start with a couple MS to kill initial 4 birds, then pop all cds. 2nd pack should be up - barrage. Stun boss with pet. Readiness. Refresh traps/repeat cycle and he should be withing KS range.

Start kiting along the trap border if in trouble. Should still have HotP to get 2nd pet if it dies.
@ Azazua Hmmm that sounds like a great plan so far,I'll have to try that bird plan. I do use exhilaration long before I hit him,but I always used it for myself! But I have been now using it for my seems like if I try to go in and multishot the first pack of birds,he hits enrage,even though everybody tells me to do that!

@ Eilina I am in sitting in full raid gear,some RF but mostly raid equivalent,so gear is not an issue in my court,for that. But your plan does sound good,I'll have to go in there today and see if I can get ether to work. I try using my BL and then pulling out my tank pet for that extra boost at the start of things.
Kill the birds adds as they spawn, then just nuke the boss...i did as survival (rank 7 fight 3 still using SV) never died till GG.

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