Brawler's Guild - Crush

Bug Report
He will bug out, evading for a few seconds and then resets after his charge. Its almost impossible for me to burn through his health before the enrage, and with him resetting half the time he's faced its an extremely difficult boss.
When he charges something also happens that makes my Shadowy Apparitions null and void, the AI of them bugs out and they'll just stand where they spawn instead of going and hitting him, which that's a loss of of a good chunk of damage for priests.
I just experienced both the evade bug and the pet AI error (with fire elemental totem).
it is dec. 10th and he is still bugging out... i've had him to 900k health and lower a few times, and he charges.. hits the wall and evades / resets his health. there is no way i can burn him fast enough before the enrage.. any comments?
Hello, February 2013 and this bug hasn't been fixed. Please could this be fixed?
I would absolutely love for this bug to get fixed. My ghoul, garg, and Army of the Dead are pretty much mostly useless during this fight since they can't target him when he's laying IN the corner barricade.

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