[Horde] Paladin looking for a raiding group

Hi Saurfang,

Only recently moved to Saurfang and am looking for a Horde group who need a competent guy for their raids. I'm easy-going, happy to do old raids, new raids, heroics, PVP, and I know my class fairly well (been playing 3 years). I have a sense of humour and prefer to enjoy time raiding, rather than hardcore progression.

Armory should be showing me in my Holy set, but I was Protection for all of Wrath and Cata, and my Retribution is my "for fun" and "PVP" spec. I can perform all roles, but would prefer healing. Will tank if required, but will require some time to get properly geared.

I've been casual for all of Cataclysm and on a different realm entirely. My old guild cleared Dragon Soul before Mists of Pandaria came out. Prior to Cataclysm I was a raid leader for a year, but I'm not really considering doing that again.

I live in QLD so my hours are all ex-DST. My available nights so far are Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I'm generally available to raid after 8pm, earliest I could possibly start is 7:30pm (that's 9pm and 8:30 pm for Sydney while DST is happening).

Well that was an interesting experiment. 10 days, zero responses. I'm either doing it wrong, or doing it right in the wrong place.

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