470Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild.

470 Prot Warrior LF Raiding guild. Took a small break from wow and now coming back. I can raid anyday from 7-1AM EST. Post here or Add my Real ID: Hemptimus#1161
bump, still looking
Real ID request sent.
My guild and I will be transferring in towards the end of next week and working on recruitment. We currently need 2 RDPS and 1 Tank for our core and would be interested in having you as our Tank!. We require a minimum of 470 ilvl from all applicants to begin raiding with us (as we won't be doing much with MV, Doing a few bosses in there then heading to HoF for the bulk of raiding week. We hope to have cleared HoF and ToES by mid-Jan. and getting into Heroic Mode progression for MV/HoF.

We raid 3 nights a week and 4 hours a night,
We are a serious raiding guild, but by no means are we hardcore.
If you can make our times work, Please get in contact with me :)
(T/Th/M 9PM-1AM Server time.)

During Cataclysm We cleared 8/13H T11 , 6/7H T12 (HRag during T13),
and 8/8H T13 (5/8H Prenerf).

If you're interested please add me to battle tag.
Fuzed#1672, I'd be very interested in speaking with you.
Alternatively, You may go straight to our guild site and apply by clicking 'recruitment'
on the main navigation bar :) - XiTGuild.Enjin.Com - Hope to hear from you soon!
Pyre is in great need of a competent tank to raid with us. We raid Tues/Wed 9pm ST. Mature group of raiders with a fun laidback attitude, yet serious approach toward raiding. We'd love to have you in our ranks as there is not really a warrior in the guild yet besides my alt. PST me in game or send me a mail to discuss things further :)

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