Pet Battles
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12/05/2012 12:44 AMPosted by Crimsonmage
Got 3.
for the longest time I thought it was MINI-fernal.

now that I know it isn't I think it should be.

I still call it this when saying it outloud.

"Mini-fernal! Mini-fernal! I'm holding one for you! Come to Felwood! Quick!" said I to gf.
12/04/2012 10:26 PMPosted by Fluttershy
Minfernal, discuss.

Discuss grown men watching My Little Pony when the targeted demographic is little girls.
Only ever seen and caught one, somehow it was a rare. Super lucky me.

Scourged Whelpling however, that thing is still a myth to me
My Shoemaker, Levy and Halley?

They're a blast
They're a hit
They rock
Got mine last night on a dk alt on a brazil server.

Waiting for possible respawn of scourged whelpling atm (missed the last spawn by 10 seconds yesterday, trying the 24 hour theory).
Got it.

Got the Scourge whelp......

Got the Giraffe.

But, why oh why does it never rain in Stranglethorn!
12/04/2012 11:23 PMPosted by Valkira
Got mine after a restart a while back, not rare but don't really care. I am just glad I got one when I did since from what I heard their times are random now and not after a restart. Haven't bothered to check if it really is the case since I haven't had much playtime really. Now I get to worry about the new pets that I don't have time to camp for and are never there when I go to check. Looks like I will have to wait until everyone in my crz gets theirs I guess and stops hunting them.

As far as I can tell, they did not change the spawns for minfernals or scourged whelplings, only the new pets that they introduced in 5.1.

I got mine on a server restart and, while I pass over their spawn spot from time to time, have never seen one since. I plan to use a battle stone on it, but have yet to get one that will work.
How good is the minfernal in battle when you upgrade it? I REALLY want to use mine for battles, but I also have a lot of other rare pets with at least 300 attack at 25. The highest, Lil'Ragnaros, has 374 attack (nearly 100 more than the minfernals ive seen on other people).

Worth it? Good?
The first one i got was a rare! :)
I don't think blizzard wants people to get them. They would have fixed the spawn if they wanted to already. I've been there, even camped the site, never seen one.

Gave up on it, it's just stupid to even wait there. Besides at 25 a lot of pvp pets are dragons, would make this pet a free kill anyway. But he does look cool.
I got one and it was rare.
12/24/2012 11:32 AMPosted by Kenpo
Gave up on it

I had an alt parked there for nearly a month before I got mine, no need to burn out, just check in when you can.

Finally got mine early one morning when no one was really there for once, went around killing rats in the Mininfernal area and one spawned.

Never going back for another one though. lol
I got one today, but sadly it's a poor.

Now, to find a magic battlestone to upgrade it...

I'm checking Felwood now for someone's present :3
I've had one for a while, and since the patch I've gone through three magic battle-stones (Lamp, Jade Oozeling, and Broom). Is Minfernal really worth one, aside from the all-pets-rare project, which I haven't really embarked upon?
Staring at one of them atm and tempted to check it's quality >_>

But I'll better leave it there so other can have it hehe...
roll a dk on a low pop server. i came across 6 in a 3 day span, 1 being a rare.
unicorns are actually purchasable mounts in this game though
12/24/2012 05:58 PMPosted by Zharshoul
unicorns are actually purchasable mounts in this game though

Isn't there just 1 unicorn? And it's more of a bicorn.

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