Pet Battles
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!@#$ this pet, the crz and the devo that thouhgt it was a good idea.
I would have to agree that this pet was badly designed simply because of how the CRZ feature worked. If we had a way to get back into our own servers it might make the issue a little less of a pain in the neck.

I understand it is supposed to be a rarity. But it is down right insulting to see our own server's zone (And the untouchable battle pets there in) while on a flight path only to be thrown into the CRZ upon landing. Now this probably wouldn't change my personal luck (took me a good month to catch rain for the baby ape) but it would take some stress off of the hunting process.

Things are made worse with the cloudy idea of how to even get the darn little thing to spawn. I have seen a single battle pet in the Shatter Scar Vale area, a tainted rat, in my weeks of camping for the Minfernal. Pet battles were supposed to be 'fun' not 'headaches'.

>_> Sorry, I know it is nothing but complaining. And I will easily admit that I am green with envy for people who have seen multiples. (Congrats guys/gals!) But this pet is a great demonstration showing the problem CRZ provides when it comes to the rare pets. Where is a Kender when I need one!
What breed of minfernal do you guys think is best? either 4 or 6 im assuming (max health or Power?)
Ive got 3 minfernals and a magic stone, wondering what one to use it on...
Bump still wondering.
It's my understanding that Minfernals simply aren't very good in pet battles (at least in pvp where it matters since you can probably do any pve battle with just about any combo of pets). I'd save your magic stone for something useful or better yet, trade it to me for another stone type!
His moveset is so bad that he's really a vanity pet.

Extra plating has poor synergy with the magic racial.

I'm not a fan of explode, but if you are, then you want an hp breed.

But other than that, your choices are two dots (one that sets yourself to burning) a basic attack and magic lift-off. I suppose the power breed has above average strength (but not top tier), but I don't think that saves him.

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