Server crash really?

Really? Come on Blizz on raid night...
Not this again...
I got booted out when I was on the last boss of MV and there was only 5% to go....
I was just trying to gear my new 90 Shaman ):
Two nights in one week.... Getting kinda ridic
Wow. Way to fail...again. Blizz, you should get your s**t done right before releasing xpacs and patches, instead of being desperate to make new money.

Was having my best BG in weeks and was almost a win when this crap happened. GG----NOT
What ever will I do without WoW?
This makes me a sad panda!! Between the server crashing 2 times in less than a week and the mobile armory not working for the auction house it's getting a bit ridiculous.
12/04/2012 11:29 PMPosted by Gary
What ever will I do without WoW?

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