Mass disconnect

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Fix this blizz... I don't want to lose 10 points from my RBG rating
Yeah, everyone in my raid got dc. Most in socal, some in seattle.
Great, DC'D during a BWL Pet run, guess who gets to run through the room of slow again?

That feel when disconnected by an elite.
Just now for you too?

Hilarious that I knew that within 30 seconds of being DC'd there would be at least one forum post. :P
I just DC'ed out of Garalon in LFR, no big loss. Mostly annoying
Glad to see its not just me
I was in middle of sha of fear fight in endless....and cant get back in...
I died
everyone just dcd?
We'd JUST pulled the Sha O.o
Thanks for wasting my time. On a Sha kill....long fight as it is without a wipe
Right as I zone into AQ40. Interesting timing.

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