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12/04/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Teelo
I finally found a minfernal and was fighting it :(

this made me lol
i was killing a lvl 21 murloc in wetlands i want full refund
So I was in the middle of my quest trying to save Azeroth, when suddenly...
I thought it was just me >.<
Just now for you too?

Hilarious that I knew that within 30 seconds of being DC'd there would be at least one forum post. :P

I kept hitting refresh. It was like an instant disconnect, not a *everything freezes for a few seconds* disconnect. I knew it was bound to be posted on the forums.
Because Eternal Reign cleared a heroic raid and got another world first, they had to shut down the servers.

Just defeated one of the new rares that drops the invitation....

I didn't even get to thank the person who helped me.
I could get back in, roommate can't. ><
12/04/2012 10:30 PMPosted by Julliette
everyone just dcd?

Yep :(
funny how we all check the forums bc of a dc
Disconnected from Whisperwind; stuck at connecting.
mm thought there might be a forum post. I was in the middle of an arena when this happened. Does anyone know what caused this mass DC
Bloody great, I finally get high enough iLVL and into an LFR only to get dropped then not have the server let me back on...flipping great
Add me to the list >.<

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