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So glad that happened right as Empress was about dead in my LFR.
Now I have to requeue for her.

Same situation here =( Oh god I don't wanna queue for LFR again, no please, anything but PuGs...
great. waited 40 minutes for terrace que, got to last boss and got dc'd mid fight, kicked us all from the LFR and now i have to que again for another 40 mins, and re do the 3 bosses
Thank god it crashed so I can stop getting rolled by the summoner in the Brawler's guild....
I got back in. Give it a shot.

We'll continue investigating.

I'm jelly....been trying to log in on multiple servers and haven't been able to D:
and back in - won the rbg


Grats! I was rooting for ya :)
Bashiok - Tich still down.
I got back in. Give it a shot.

We'll continue investigating.

What server do you play on?
WTH!! I was calmly scratching my !@# doing nothing and I get dcd comeon that was important I almost got the itch.
entire group was disconnected entering P3 of Amber-shaper.

now i can get on any toon other than the one that participated....
Bashiok while you are here, are you aware that many warlocks have found a way to cast a certain spell that they shouldn't be able to?

What is Blizzards stance on this?
I work tech support for a telecom, and when stuff like this happens to Internet or TV service, I say a script like, "There's an outage in the area, and we dispatched a crew to restore your services as quickly as possible".

That was literally the first thing that popped into my head. And that's just depressing.
12/04/2012 10:34 PMPosted by Xemnas
I for one am OUTRAGED! I fought in Nam and lost an arm and pay 15 dollars a month for this ^%$#?

Did you take an arrow....TO THE KNEE?!
Is it just me or are portals completely gone now?
Welp...I'm glad it's not just me.
Yep, dc'd in Silithus here. Hmmm...I wonder...if the fees being paid to upkeep the resources to allow us to play WoW is the amount times 2 million plus subscribers, why is this happening? I know that there are things beyond certain aspects of control, but with the amount of money being made off the players, I'd think Blizzard would have better hardware being used to support WoW.

Meh, whatever.
Ain't nobody got time for that!
It was only slightly funny to see a RealID list full of Blizzard employees empty out before being disconnected myself...

We are aware and investigating.

Could i get Neth's real ID? I got to whisper her something.
I got back in. Give it a shot.

We'll continue investigating.

investigate faster, I'm stuck on the server connection boss

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