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cant get back in on the char i was playing in lfr, keeps saying a char of that name already exists =/
:( Was in LFR on my priest and the boss was about to die when I disconnected. Finally was able to connect after a bit but it won't let me back on and hasn't for about 5 minutes so far because it says "a character with that name already exists"

Yea. I'm still stuck on "Logging in to game server."

Two LFR's tonight just to try and get to Elagon, since I normally get Will.

Get to El.

Disconnect ten seconds into fight.
I got back in. Give it a shot.

We'll continue investigating.

Gave it a shot but tich is still down.
Poor lonely Tichondrius.
12/04/2012 10:36 PMPosted by Bashiok
We'll continue investigating.

Meaning they do not know what's wrong or they do not want to say, so I would not start anything ie: Raids or RBG's tonight.

I might be annoyed if I was doing something but nope. This is all just humorous and !@#$ happens and is to be expected when servers are running 95% of the year.
I wonder what happened.I'm really curious.

It seemed to happen to everyone, all at the same time. o_O
You are all quite lucky that this did not happen during a raid boss that can drop a pet.

My enrage timer would destroy you all.
12/04/2012 10:31 PMPosted by Superbro
i was killing a lvl 21 murloc in wetlands i want full refund

/cast Instant Win
Borean Tundra still up.

Bite me.
Guys, WoW had a game wide mass disconnect. First sign of the apocalypse right there.
I blame Bush...we inherited these servers.
Oh hey, good to know it wasn't just me after all.

Thought I was going crazy for a sec. More than usual, anyway.
Blizzard, when you unpluged all of the servers you forgot to put Tich back in.....plug it back in plz
i spent 22 minuets killing a healer in 2s i kill him then this, noooo :(
12/04/2012 10:46 PMPosted by Baruul
I blame Bush...we inherited these servers.

Thanks, now I need to clean my monitor.
Probably some janitor unplugged something to plug in his floor machine. Just like one of those scenes in a cheap comedy where the cleaning person walks into a hospital room and unplugs a Heart/lung machine, plugs in a floor polisher, uses it for a 20 seconds then plugs the heart/lung machine back in before any of the nurses come running into the room. "Probably wouldn't happen in real life, but saw it in a movie once.

"And may the odds be always in your favor"
Can anyone get back in?
Stuck at the loading screen

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