WoW just went down

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ditto. on frostmourne. was in the middle of bg.
Yeah it seems like people are having issues. Dragonmaw US is down or appears to be down. Several guildies were disconnected earlier mid raid and spent several minutes trying to get back online. Even the website at this time is slow and laggy.
Add Garona to the list....
They just went down it seems, Dentarg too.

But now back up, at least I got back in so far.
same here :(
sargeras just went down too. says connecting
Jeez, and I had -just- started a fight in Brawl'gar (as in, ported in and then got DCed about a second later). Not sure if I'm glad it wasn't just me or not... ;)
probably overloaded the servers when i won 2 LFR weapons
seems everyone went down.
Same on Uldaman
Shu Halo went down too
Seems a lot like Deja Vu now...
I just won 2 LFR items as well.

Sha of Loot is not pleased..
yea even me on stormrage cashed
AMGAH Sha of Fear was dying.... down, too.
Proudmoore here. Same story.
Wyrmrest Accord is down
same :(
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