WoW just went down

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Just happened here on Gul'Dan too
Same here, Darkspear - US
I let it sit on connecting and got back on Wyrmrest Accord.
Wow, Starcraft and Diablo are all down... Earthquake?
And they said we'd alllllll go dooooown, togeeeeeeeether......
Same on AM
Happened on Stormrage also
in b4 "Same on each and every server by name".

Oh, and just as I type this, it's all back.
on Icecrown to
Yea, tell me about it I was in mid razorgore solo, was about to down the last egg while being swarmed with adds on my shaman.
Same here on Scarlet Crusade can't connect.
Alexstrasza needs to be added to this list.
Earthen Ring down also...
Aaaand Nagrand...
time to go cook a buritto
Same here. Cenarius.
Lag, disconnected, and now just stuck at Connecting.

Er, back up.

Wierd thing: I was harvesting mushrooms up on the plateau in Valley of the Four Winds.
Still have some mushrooms in my bag, but I'm back at Halfhill.
I keep getting stuck on 'Connecting'. It won't let me past that.
Back up now

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