WoW just went down

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and now i have to redo entire LFR second part to get my 90 valor... darn it
back up
solution Leave it on connecting it will log you back in.
Soh blizzard thinks that our time is useless and we have all day long to
i was in the last boss of the last raid and now i have to do it all again ?

well.. time is coming
Shadowmoon is back up... but it reset my trash in Hyjal. I want 10 minutes of my time back!
Zul'jin back up atm.
Still can't get into this toon.
Lightbringer came back up. My whole raid crashed together in MV with H Feng at 20% >.<
tichondrius is offline.
AM is back up.
locks can tank wtf?
tich still down
Flaming kittens slept in the server room.
12/04/2012 10:37 PMPosted by Äir
solution Leave it on connecting it will log you back in.


I was flushing my DNS like crazy. Just let it sit there and it'll go through eventually.
omfg lolz I got hackzorz
Tichondrius is still down!!! All other servers are back up but Tich's still down!
12/11/2012 10:48 PMPosted by Stumpuss
And now comes the lag..

And here we have a thread necro from April 2012 :p

It's best not to do this ;)

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