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Hi, I've looked in the forums and on google for quite some time but can't seem to find what i'm looking for.

Basically I'm looking to make a macro so that when I have an enemy targeted and I cast Holy Shock it brings up my curser to click on the target I want to use Holy Shock on. The same way it does if you have an enemy targeted and auto self cast turned off and try to use a regular heal.

Hopefully something like this is possible, I'd appreciate any help I can get

/cast [@none] Holy Shock
Works perfectly, Thank you very much for your help and speedy response!
Actually, Forgot to add in, that if I have a friendly target, I'd like it to heal them.
So...if you have a friendly targetted, you want it to heal them right away and if it's a hostile, you want a blue hand so you have to click on the mob/hostile player in 3D before it'll cast? Cause
/cast [@none] Holy Shock
will just bring up the blue hand. If you click on a friendly player while it's up, it will heal.
More or less, Basically I want to be able to have an enemy targeted, and pull up the blue hand for holy shock to use on my raid profiles. With out untargeting the boss. Or if I have a friendly targeted it will just heal them as normal.
Yes, But I only want it to bring up the blue hand when targeting a hostile. Otherwise it heals normally.

/cast [help,nodead][harm,@none] Holy Shock

No guarantees it'll work but see how it does.
Nope, that still deals damage to hostile target.
What about this:/use [help,nodead][@none]Holy Shock
Awesome, that one did it. Thank you both for your help :)
Or you could use

/cast [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@none] Holy Shock

Then you can hover your mouse cursor over whomever you want to heal and press the button to heal your friendly mouseover without deselecting your enemy target OR having to explicitly click on the friendly heal target.

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