I want my Safari Hat please!!!

Pet Battles
Gosh seeing all my friends with it make me angry "RAGEEE" (just kidding could i please have it i waited long enough thanks)
Still waiting on mine. Got the achieve a few days ago and waiting on ticket response.
I have two :3. bellafire, what size are you?
just got this response from a gm about my lack of hat.

With the Safari Hat, there are quite a many that have been affected by this and our developers are working on a way to address them all. We are unable to send the hat but do hope that the issue is resolved soon. In the meantime please check the bug report forum (us.battle.net/wow/en/forum) and patch notes (us.battle.net/wow/en/game/patch-notes) for any upcoming information on this.
Still waiting here too, GM response said they were still working on a hotfix as well. Sads.
I got a "this is a known issue, we're working on a fix" form response to my first ticket, but Cory Stockton just tweeted this, so I'm not sure:


I opened another ticket, anyway. I needs my hat, man.
Still waiting for mine, had the achievement since before the patch. The GM told me to submit a bug report for it so that they can make another hotfix...
Update: Second ticket got me the hat! Thanks GM Morighouz <3

If you guys are getting turned down, keep trying, and maybe mention that other people are getting theirs restored.
i re-opened my ticket. fingers crossed.
You guys who did not get the hat - did you do all of the tamers, horde and alliance before 5.1?

They changed some things with the achieve when 5.1 came out specifically the achievement text so it doesn't appear that you need to beat both factions tamers to get the achievement.

I did not get the hat until a GM mailed it to me. I did all of the tamers (horde+ally) pre 5.1.

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