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12/06/2012 03:50 PMPosted by Hikarisol


If you feed the trolls, they keep comming back. I dont know why people dont listen when I tell them this. If you dont respond, what are they gonna do? Spam filter stops them from spamming you so the worst they can do is keep posting the same stupid stuff. Eventually, when nobody has responded, they will realize that its pointless and go away. If you respond or reply though, they come back. Like geese or other wild animals. Feed em once and they come back.

Apathy doesn't solve anything. Get involved! Get angry! Say "I'm mad, and I'm not going to take it any more!" One thing's for sure, not responding isn't sending the message you think it does. They hear agreement in that silence, they hear acceptance in that silence. Silence equals tacit acceptance, even if that's not your intention. Intention isn't magical after all.

That's actually true in many ways.

I do wish some of the disciplinary actions Blizz takes were a little more public. I don't mean violating someone's privacy but finding a middle ground were people don't just disappear. That doesn't send a good message and when dealing with trolls silence doesn't always help. They take it for agreement or that no one's paying attention to them so they keep posting in a the same style.

Of course getting mad and ranting at them doesn't help. Measured responses with logic usually make them lose interest.

There was one time that i knew about a disciplinary action that Blizz took. It was years ago and I was leveling a toon and had stopped by IF. Someone was spouting very homophobic rants and racist things in both trade and general. People said that they reported him but I doubt they did.

I sent in a ticket and rode out to Kharanos to do my stuff (selling, leveling profs etc) to get away from it. A GM contacted me in minutes. I told her what was going on and that I didn't know if the guy was still doing it. She went and checked and said "He was and he won't be doing that again ever." Meaning most likely a perma ban. Knowing that actually made me feel good and that contacting a Blizz about that kind of thing had an effect. Instead of this secrecy.

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