Parry es #1 huehuehuehue

I love being well above expertise cap and Ret/Arms/Fury/Frost DK/Unholy DK all parry on RNG. Mmm Mmm MMM love me some parried Dismantles and Kidney Shots!

GJ Buffing strength to parry ratio for tanks in PVE, but Learn to separate from PVP. I can understand tanks in PVP being able to avoid, but DPS with a chance to parry above expertise cap? Parry #1 huehuehuehuehuheuheuheuheuheuhuehuehuehuehuehuehuehuehueheu
"Increase your expertise to see a higher skill cap in your class." - Ghostcrawler
I do not understand this quote. I am well above expertise cap, and I am getting major CDs parried by these classes, even in dps spec. I'm not gonna use SS just to avoid getting parried when the game tells me I have a 0% chance to dodge and parry.
Protip: stand behind people.
Can't wait til polymorph can be dodged, cause everyone loves that thrilling RNG gameplay.
12/06/2012 11:44 AMPosted by Nukk
the game tells me I have a 0% chance to dodge and parry.
those are pve numbers. this warrior has 17.5% parry or so, meaning you would need that exact percentage of expertise to never be parried by me.

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