Warlock: "Cataclysm" spell on live

Bug Report
Hi everyone :)

So I just finished the raid and a guildie put some script on the guild chat, I used it and imagine my surprise when I saw it was the Cataclysm spell that warlocks had on the PTR :O

It looks awesome and I'm sad it didn't make it to live, when I remove Mannoroths Fury it stopped working though. Anyway I wanted to report it because there may be many exploits related to it. I dind't do any dungeons or pvp with it, but I can imagine it being specially OP in pvp because it has a pretty big area.

The script was /script Pickup Spell(*some number*)

(sorry for the crappy english)
In a live stream RBG I saw a warlock with the cataclysm spell and again in AV and again in TP all on live servers. Apparently, there must be a way of exploiting the system to gain access to the spell.
I ran some rbg's tonight and every comp we faced had 2 locks (both destro with MF) and it really did kinda mess gameplay up. Half of the rbg group pretty much said "wtf was that" when both locks staggered themselves in our group, and stunned the entire team. There was a reason this spell was not included in 5.1, and i can't believe blizzard hasn't hotfixed it yet.
had a destro lock use this on my hunter today in 2v2, earned him then win too. isnt that fantastic? I love cheaters and even though im aware 2v2 arena isnt serious business I really hope anyone that exploits this gets banned quickly.
I got MC'd by the sha, and wiped my raid with it

I find it odd that Blizz didn't include it in because it wasn't viable, but I did a pretty good job of killing my team with it lol

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