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With AQ40 being competely soloable now, I figured now was my chance to the Tier 2.5 pieces I've been missing that I've wanted for years now. So I got to the Twin Emperors and killed Vek'nilash (the melee one.) When I did, the other one died too, but his body then vanished and there was no loot from him. I looked online and saw that both twins have seperate loot and, well the 2 pieces I need drop from Vek'lor, the caster (as well as the new pet.)

I saw some comments about other people having this problem and they said just hitting the other emperor once will make him not despawn after dying, but there were other comments saying that didn't work. So my question is, will just getting some damage on the emperor you're not killing let you loot him at the end? Or do I need to bring a caster friend and take down the one with the items I need?
I encountered exactly the same problem! It was pretty easy to solo - I just wedged myself in a corner, kept up widow venom on Veknilash and burnt him down. But Veklor somehow disappeared before I could loot him. Very annoying, and I'd like to know what happened if I came back and try again. Veklor drops hunter head tier piece and hunter gloves, so it would be good to be able to loot him.

And according to Recount I did hit Veklor a couple times (with Powershot and Lynx Rush).
It is pretty likely that one's despawning because you didn't actually damage it at all.

Easier said than done for some classes given that while everyone has a source of physical damage (their right click), not everyone has a source of magic damage that will actually function.

As a hunter, I guess you could try explosive trap?

It does seem like an oversight though, considering linked health pool enemies don't do that in later expansions.
You're right I think - when I looked at Recount again I spent some small amount of time attacking Veklor with Powershot and Lynx Rush (which are both forms of physical AoE), but I didn't actually do any damage to him. It seems he resisted them completely. I'm not sure what abilities would actually damage Veklor enough to stop him despawning. It would be a nuisance to slog through the raid again only to have him vanish before I could loot him.
Any ability that does magic damage should be able to damage Veklor, and I'd assume any damage at all will stop him from despawning. So explosive trap or serpent sting should work, I'd imagine. Does Arcane shot still do arcane damage? Basically anything non-physical should hurt him.

Still an annoying situation, though. Does every class even have a source of magic damage?
What about engineering bombs? Those landsharks that you get out of the blingtron don't require engineering to use, can they be used to cause "magic" damage?
land sharks would work, they do fire(magical) damage

i solod them today, and because i was throwing diseases on one while i meleed the other, i got both sets of loot, so no biggie to me
Thank you everyone, it seems they both are completely resistant to damaging dots so Serpent Sting wouldn't work (but they are affected by healing debuffs like Widow Venom I think). Arcane Shot, Explosive Trap and maybe engineering bombs all sound good though.

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