Rogue Conundrum - No Love?

This post is a quick look at the current state of a Rogue, and also the possible idea for change. You can agree, disagree, or shrug - but at least I got some ideas out there as Rogue's, currently, are old, moldy, and too stale. This expansion only confirmed how outdated the Rogue looks, feels, and plays when compared to nearly every other class.

Anyway, some quick notes:

Problem #1 - No pet. Really? I think every class besides a Rogue and a Warrior get a pet. Granted, Warrior's do get Avatar, which TURNS them into a pet. I could argue it, but come on - even a plated Pally and a DK get a pet.

Solution #1 - Shadows anyone? Why can't Rogue's have a SHADOW companion of them self - even for a brief period. Hell, maybe we can even bounce between the two images, or they could even mirror our abilities at 20% damage. Again, random number.

Problem #2 - The lack of innovation in Rogue's spell/ability animation is baffling. Our animations...oh wait I'm sorry I said we had animations lol my bad. There is absolutely no creativity in activating abilities besides maybe Cloak of Shadows where we get to look like an S.Priest for a little. It's sad when you get excited over seeing the pink stream flash across the screen when you initiate a Kidney Shot.

Solution #2 - More flare!!! At least 12 pieces of flare!!! Swirly ball for every ability!!! But really, when's the last time Rogue abilities were looked at. This only contributes to how dry the class feels - nothing has been updated! For example. add some red and blue streaks INTO the enemy if we Mutilate, all I have is an 8 year old Undead stabbing animation. It's a spec defining ability.

Problem #3 - Depth. Every spec feels identical. There, I said it. When the talent system was homogenized, so was the entire Rogue class. With the only difference being HOW we stab our opponent. I miss the old system dearly.

Solution #3 - Add depth. But honestly, this is a tough one. I would suggest go with what works, throw away everything else. Maybe we should look into having a spec specifically for ranged damage. Have it be Ninjutsu, or a combo Ninjutsu spec like Enhancement. Or a Shadows spec where we do damage with different TYPES of shadows. Because, and this goes with my closing statement...

Let's be honest. Everyone that plays a Rogue WANTS to play like a ninja, or Batman, or any other character that lurks in the shadows. For anyone that would argue (and there are many) that a Rogue is NOT a ninja, just know that ninja's were mercenaries HIRED to kill targets. They are one in the same. Rogue is merely a broad term. A ninja is merely a specific reference to a geographical area and date in history when a CLAN of rogues existed (or still do - AHHH!!!)

Most importantly, the class has lost it's feel. It's dry. It looks like a Rogue, dies like a Rogue, but doesn't FEEL like a Rogue anymore. Fortunately for Blizzard, they're lucky so many of us stick around simply because of the IDEA of being a true Rogue. I understand their hesitation in creating a Ninja spec, due to popularity, but who cares. You have a dedicated following, give 'em what they want already!

P.S. - To Ghostcrawler - slippery? Seriously? I think you're mistaken. Did you mean ***Mages*** are slippery?.....Yeaaaah, I fixed it for you there bub. We aren't slippery - we are TACTICAL, always have been and should be going forward.

Holy wall of text Batman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Problem #1 - No pet. Really?

please god no
I HATE MICROMANAGING PETS. I don't even like managing pets. I don't even like pets. The only time I would like a pet is if I could heal myself by summoning it and instantly devouring whatever it is whole. The only reason I never play my hunter is because every spec uses a pet. JUST KILL ALL THE PETS.

The rest I agree with, at least to a general degree.

Personally I don't want to be a shuriken-tossing ninja, but I'd love to be an assassin mage. If I could be an assassin mage tomorrow I'd immediately renew my subscription and start grinding out a caster set.
There are a lot of threads about rogue changes, perhaps you could take your idea's to one of them.

And a rogue pet? Be real here mayne. That's some crazy talk.
A Doppelganger pet talented lol I'd try it....
Really? No pet? You guys are straight crazy! I said it could be a limited time pet. Think like Guardian of the Ancient Kings or Xuen.

Anyway, just some ideas. I'm with you, I don't like micromanaging pets either, but I would also like a little diversity. Options folks - OPTIONS!!!!!!
I've played using all classes that have pets. They always seem to be retarded. So no, no pets please.
12/06/2012 01:24 PMPosted by Zenky
Think like Guardian of the Ancient Kings or Xuen.

Exactly. Low skill req.

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