(A) Lunacy - Proudmoore 7/16H LF Tank & RDPS

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Lunacy has opened up recruitment and is need of ranged dps, all exceptional applications are considered though.

Lunacy is an australian based raiding guild,this raid is going to be focused on clearing available content in a stable, efficient, and enjoyable environment.

1. People will play exceptionally well and spec appropriately.
2. People will play with consistency.
3. People will communicate and participate on Mumble.

Our standards will be likened to that of a hardcore raiding guild for maintaining a stable and efficient raiding environment, but without the grotesque raiding hours. If you lack common sense or the ability to lookout for your fellow raiders, we are not the guild for you. You will also need to bring with you a good sense of humour as we are a bit of a crazy bunch.

Our current schedule is:
Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and Monday
7:30pm - 10:30pm AEST

The schedule is designed to allow for flexibility as there will be, on occasion, people who will be unavailable on any given day. This allows us to continue progressing with the most optimal raid composition.

We don't expect 100% attendance. However, we do expect you to play with a high level of regularity. Given that we are a 10-man core focused on progression, we will not always have an available reserve of people to sub in. We keep our raid roster small and keep fair rotational/loot systems in place.

Guild History

Lunacy was started from scratch in early TBC. After building a 25-man roster, the guild steadily progressed through all TBC's content. In SWP, on only four days of raiding, ranking 40th in the US on M'uru (before his first nerf) and 64th on Kil'Jaeden. In Wrath, the guild went on to take Realm Firsts for Sath 25 (Inc OS3D 10-25), Malygos 25, Algalon 25, and Yogg0 25. Lunacy took every server first HM in Ulduar, and was the only guild on Proudmoore to have completed Yogg0 and HM Anub'arak before deciding to step down from raiding 25man hardcore.

If you’re an Aussie, and you’re looking to shed the stresses that often come with raiding as part of a 25-man guild, but wish to maintain a competitive level of play as part of a 10-man, we are the guild for you!

How to Apply: http://www.lunacy-guild.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=35

If you have any questions dont hesitate to contact myself or any Lunacy member online
Looking for ranged dps
Our mumble chat is worth the price of admission.
Are you guys still looking for players?

487 ilvl holy pally (raiding since Naxx) and
485 Arms /489 Fury Warrior (raiding since vanilla)



We are both 6/6 MSV and 3/6 in HOF looking for a good oceanic raiding guild.

We are looking for a core spot, 10 or 25 man.

Wednesday Thursday Sunday 7pm-10pm (10.30pm)AEST/DLS (Australian Eastern standard time)

We are both organized players and are always prepared with our own specific food, feasts, flasks, pots, gems and other mats to ensure productive raids.
Certainly are visit www.lunacy-guild.net for more information or to apply.
omg death knight.... why?
bump for 3/6H
4/16H bumpage
Tank and ranged dps

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