Adios Amigos

Instead of hijacking another thread, I am quitting the game (due to boredom with the whole formula of the game, not content) and wanted to say goodbye before my gametime runs out. Since I don't like seeing people whose posts and/or company I enjoy just disappear, I wanted to not do that.
To my e-friends and e-acquaintances, and maybe even e-fans, I wish you all the best. You have been wonderful and I hope that the best is yet to come. To all guilds and individuals who play competitively in PvE and PvP, I hope that you get those high ranks that you work for.

Meanwhile I will continue writing a blog I started. It's basically critical analysis of our social system. I know it's not for everyone, but some thinkers out there may enjoy it, or have evidence against what I've written (which I want to hear, I would rather learn to be right than pretend). It's at;

For everyone else, here is a kitteh;

I started playing Starcraft 2 on saturday also, learning everything beyond the campaign. Rank 3 Bronze by monday night, and now after waiting a while I can finally push for silver.

Inb4 See you in 2 months; that's my line, and I don't discount the possiblity.
Inb4 Hurr don't care; posting proves you actually do care.

That'll do pig.
Goodbye, forum based acquaintance.
bye frond xoxo

And I was looking forward to raiding with you tonight *sniff*
Bye Esch :( I hope you have fun in whatever you decide to do.
do you honestly believe you are so special that you write an essay to quit WoW. itt autism.

that blog is also really sad

good night sweet princess
sick blog bro, wouldread/10

enjoy your trench play in bronze baddie
^ 2 people who think they're relevant.

Bye game time.
So long, farewell.

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