Jenova Project 10m 5/6H 1/6H 4/4N Recruiting

Jenova Project is a guild on the sargeras realm that has rapidly been increasing in progression since early Cataclysm.

Our progress is currently 5/6H 1/6H 4/4N and more heroics are soon to die. How does this affect you, you ask?

We currently have a spot open for an offtank position. We are actively seeking a:

Blood dk
Brew Master
Guardian druid
Protection warrior
Resto / Elemental Shaman
Windwalker with a Mistweaver offspec.

To fill this slot.

Jenova Project raids Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday Between 8pm-12am Central
or 9pm - 1 am eastern.

A dps offspec that you can play well will be favorable.

If you're interested please fill out an application at

Thank you, Best of luck! We hope to hear from you!
bump! Heroic Ta'yak down!

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