476 ilvl fury warrior lf home !

Hi i am an arm warrior 476 ilvl looking for a good pve guild schedules on tues-wed-thurs on any server/factions , where i could stay for a while to progress Mist of Pandaria raids.
Well i am playing that game for 5 years now , took some break for personal reasons and i came back for Dragon Soul like 8-9 months ago , im still pve guidless for the moment cause i was working too much this years to make pve schedules so now its the winter and ill have around 24 hours / week so ill be able to make a decent pve schedules to progress into mop raids.
Well ive been playing an ele shaman * Satyres * for 3 years starting from Burning Crusade to the end of wrath of the lich king but when cataclysm comes out i rerolled a warrior so ill enumerate my shaman's raid experience then my warrior's ones.

PVE EXPERIENCE as elemental shaman : Naxxramass 10-25 , OS 3D 10-25 , EOE 10-25 , Ulduar 10-25 hm ( Alone in the darkness on time ) , TOGC 10 ( Tribute of Insanity ) , ICC 10-25 hm 11/12 ( Light of Dawn at 30% + Glory of the icecrown raider on time ) then cataclysm came up.

PVE EXPERIENCE as fury/arm warrior : BWD - BOT - TO4W 25hm 8/12 , Fireland 10 hm 4/7 before 25% nerf patch , Dragon Soul 5/8hm completed

About Mist of Pandaria raids , like i said i didnt get into a good pve guild to progress the end of Cataclysm so im still guidless for mop , i havent done any bosses on normal or heroic in MV n HOF for the moment , the only thing i did is the raid finder thing and get all my epics from daiies but it doesnt looks that hard to be honest... ive seen too much pve mechanics in my life i wont be impressed by normal modes stuff but im interested about heroic mode , thats why im playing that game to have challenge with hardmodes.

Im a serious player about PVE stuff because im not playing that game without a guild , most of the reason ive quit its because i had no guild. my opinions about playing that game is , you dont have fun if u aren't playing with good players to progress as a core.

Well just let me know if you guys are interested about me to join your guild add me real id *puffyman_57_7@hotmail.com* or in game , ill appreciate it to be part of a serious guild with decent players

thanks for reading.

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