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This guy is just ridiculous, I dont have a problem killing ghosts, It's not terribly hard to heal through the bosses damage, but when the stupid adds spawn right on you, or hit you from off screen because of terrible camera restrictions it just makes me rage. Not to mention when you try to channel on the boss and it moves the light and if you dont immediately correct it BOOM dead from 30 yard melee
I agree with all of you. It just sucks.
as a ret paladin it only took 2 tries

for talents I used holy avenger and execution sentence

as soon as the first ghost spawned I popped goak on him and burned him down to get some goak stacks, then popped potion+HA+wings+hammer of wrath and began nuke. He was at about 25% before becoming immune again, I got lucky and had 1 ghost spawn right near him and the next one spawn far away, so I just burned the ghost then was barely able to kill him before the other ghosts reached me
Melee stuck on darksummoner... ROFL

Have fun on rank 8 fights and disruptron / manastorm if you think summoner is hard in any way.

Not enough self healing is what's killing you? I keep getting hit from across the room by the ghosts and i don't understand what is going on with that. Best i've done is get him to half health. I've tried focusing on the ghosts as soon as they spawn, or just trying to pile them up and focus him and only kill a ghost when his shield is up. Fail either way

More likely you are standing on a ghost spawn and too oblivious to notice. Not cross room

Maybe your super-elite pro self could provide some constructive criticism and add to the community, if not, I would suggest shutting up.
Once you work out a strategy this boss becomes a lot more downable. Just keep your camera moving, waiting for that first ghost, burn it down and and then burn boss. As soon as he summons the second ghost swivel your camera and find him, then turn boss so you're dpsing him with your light facing toward the oncoming ghost, as soon as the ghost gets near enough that it gets stunned, go burn it down. Rinse and repeat, this will lose you some uptime on boss, but will make ghosts infinately more manageable. Once you reach a point where you can kill the boss before his immunity comes back up switch over and burn him down. Ghosts spawning right on top of you almost never happens, and if you're constantly alert for them and not completely tunneling on boss you should be fine.
I'd much rather step in the ring with whoever came up with this bull!@#$.
I beat him my 4th try, he wasn't hard but more glitchy as can be. One of my deaths happened when I was fearing a ghost and that ghost killed me
its not nearly as hard as everyone made it sound.

wtb gear for battlederp though
Did him first week as a rogue. Was not that hard, just the ghosts felt a bit buggy, but with practice I got him after 10 attempts or so with 6-7 being instant deaths learning the light mechanic and how to work it best as a melee and I think 1-2 on enrage back at like 485 ilvl.

Rank 8 fights are so ridiculous that after maybe an hour messing with them I haven't been back though.

What buffs did battletron get? Even first week he was very hard, I figured they would buff that last rank 7 guy because he was really pathetic compared to the others.
12/21/2012 12:36 PMPosted by Sneakyhobos
What buffs did battletron get?

Nearly doubled health and... that's it.
They nerfed Dark Summoner a little, buffed battletron a ton, and left meatball alone for some reason. Now instead of DS being the last "real" boss of rank 7, battletron is.
What ended up working for me was killing the ghosts the second that they spawned and not waiting for his shield to go back up. Then I used Glyph of Dark succor to get 20% of my hp back every time i killed one. It proved to be enough to down the boss after a little bit of practice. Overall the fight really isn't that bad.
Just did it after a couple dozen attempts and several low % wipes. For this fight, I used the following build:
  • Pursuit of Justice - you don't need burst movement speed but you do want to move quickly
  • Burden of Guilt - stunning / CCing the adds too often is bad due to add buildup, but I found that Judging a new ghost with a snare to buy extra DPS time on boss to be very helpful
  • Selfless Healer - though I was very tempted to take Sacred Shield or Eternal Flame for the more passive heals, I found the low / instant cast time FoL to be invaluable thanks to Supplication after killing a ghost
  • Unbreakable Spirit - none of the options really affect the outcome, so I decided that lowering my LoH CD was best for repeated attempts (just go out to a target dummy for a bit if LoH is on CD)
  • Sanctified Wrath - I tried Holy Avenger but I found that I liked throwing Hammers at the incoming adds to lower their HP when I needed to drop the shield; I tried Divine Purpose, too, but I found the RNG to be unfavorable for this encounter
  • Holy Prism - With the damage I was taking, I couldn't afford to lose the great combination of heals + damage on a short CD; cast on yourself to bring ghosts low; Execution Sentence could be very helpful if it crits, but I don't prefer RNG

  • Glyphs:
  • Flash of Light - worked perfectly with Selfless Healer / Supplication / Holy Prism or WoG combos
  • Turn Evil - very helpful against a ghost when you're just holding the adds off and burning the Summoner
  • Double Jeopardy - great synergy with the Burden of Guilt target switching

  • Some tips for everyone:
  • The ghosts' reach is quite a bit longer than normal melee range
  • The flashlight takes a second or so to stun the adds
  • The ghosts remain stunned for about 2 seconds after you take the flashlight off of them
  • When the second ghost spawns, immediately move so that the Summoner is directly between you and the ghost; buys you a lot of extra DPS time because the flashlight will hold it just behind the boss
  • When "holding" a ghost, try and get it low or finish it before the next ghost gets too close
  • Use DPS CDs before there are too many ghosts to let you stay on the boss long enough to get most of their full effect
  • Use any feasible cleave / AE moves to increase total damage output and get ghosts low so you can finish one off when it is time
  • Toward the end, any CC you have can buy you DPS time on the Summoner and make the difference between a kill and a fail

  • It's entirely possible that some people are too undergeared for this fight and it will just bring more frustration to try over and over. Still, best of luck to all on this encounter.
    I didn't find him that difficult. The trick, I found, was to kill the first two ghosts as soon as they spawned, then hit your cooldowns and chew through a third and fourth ghost while cleaving onto the boss (as you can, of course).

    I might have killed a fifth ghost, but honestly, after that point, there wasn't too much of him left. The damage wasn't too much of a stress, and you can keep a couple of ghosts up by simply kiting the boss and them around. Just angle your flashlight onto any coming for you to stop them and fear them and, if it works out right, you can flashlight two together should you find it that way.

    Battletron is all about burst. Spec into every talent you have to burst him down and try to keep the healing to a minimum, especially if it costs you a bit of dps. It's gear dependent, though--but doable even if you aren't in anything special.
    I'd rather work on rank 8 bosses than being stuck on this douche. I just don't have enough self healing to stay alive. Pretty ridiculous.

    Yeah if you arent cool enough to set up a focus macro and interrupt/reflect those shadowbolts, you probably deserve to die. On top of that, you only have 1 CD thats gonna do anything against the ghosts, so you can use the rest to give yourself breathing room if you still suck too much to interrupt/reflect reliably.
    The fight would be fun if the Ghosts didnt have so broken melee range and one hit kills
    04/02/2016 08:04 AMPosted by Demoseal
    The fight would be fun if the Ghosts didnt have so broken melee range and one hit kills

    The forums would be fun, if you didn't respond in 3+ years old posts.
    These threads are fun. Like a time capsule.
    As a warrior I just used bladestorm on this fight and it worked out fine.

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