PvP Balance & failure to learn from mistakes

The single most frustrating problem with PvP is the development team's failure to learn from past balance mistakes.

Essentially there are two fundamental balance principles:
  • Every class should have strengths
  • Strengths should be equalized by weakness

In order to implement that balance mechanism, each class should be tailored around the 4 major categories:


People can argue the pros and cons of every individual ability of every class, but that is essentially a waste of time. The underlying issue is that:

History has shown us that every single time a Class is strong in too many of the categories mentioned above, it means they are overpowered and hurts the balance of the game.

With that in mind, it would appear that developers generally follow that sort of approach, but seem to ignore clear examples of imbalance. They seem to pick-and-choose at what needs adjustment instead of listening to the overwhelming feedback from the players.

As an example, 5.1 and recent hotfixes have nerfed
    • Warlocks (damage)
    • Warriors (silence, mobility, tfb stack)
      - In my opinion they should have nerfed damage via CD stacking burst of reck/avatar instead
    • Hunters (damage)

Yet that leaves some cases of extreme imbalance still in the game
    • Frost Mages (damage far too high when considering their level of control and survivability)
    • Disc Priests (without question the weakest healer of all classes BY FAR)
    • Ele Shammies (basically just in a terribly underpowered spot in general)

People can argue whether adjustments were done in the right way, but my main concern is with the classes with SEVERE imbalance issues that have not been adjusted in a meaningful way.
12/05/2012 10:54 AMPosted by Squirrelnut
Disc Priests (without question the weakest healer of all classes BY FAR)

Mistweavers are right there with them post patch.
I would argue that Mistweavers are mediocre, Disc is trash. With that being said I would say the two largest examples of imbalance in the game are:

Frost Mage - burst damage
Ele Sham - ... can't even single out an area since they suck in virtually everything

As I said people will have various Class arguments with varying degree of validity such as:
DK - lack of survivability
Rogue - lack of sustained damage
etc etc etc

But the ones the community pretty much all agree on (Frost Mage, Ele Sham & Disc Priest) should have one of two things happen:
1. Adjustments made
2. Developer response stating that they don't think it is an issue

Lack of change combined with lack of Dev feedback is what leads to loss of subscriptions
I think..

The more Control you have the less Damage (especially burst) you should be able to do. If you can do crazy burst and control your target effortlessly at the same time you are imbalance. This is what is wrong with mages right now.

Survival should also be reasonable for everyone and then increased based on the damage you do. Affliction locks because they deal slow medium damage and wear their targets down should have very high survival and they do. Unholy DKs, and Monks fall into this category but neither of these classes have high survival.

Overall models need to be made for class types.

Using the Affliction, Unholy, Wind Walker example IMO...

These three specs should be...

Very hard to control
Have a good degree of control
Have high survival
Because they deal medium sustain damage and pressure, and don't have omg cooldowns that when the doors open they can global someone. These three specs excel at battles of attrition, and do not do well when people can die in 1-2 globals.
in order to implement that balance mechanism, each class should be tailored around the 4 major categories:


Do it
i like your name OP
Good idea in theory, it will limit alot of the problems though which is a start.

There is always going to be the situational OP that is hard to stop.

Melee with low mobility/medium dmg v a caster med - high mobility medium dmg. FDK for example verse a cloth/leather caster.
Basic Str/weakness would make them look comparible.
Maybe hi dmg for FDK compared to this certain caster, better armour(especially with blood presence) AMS, death grip, asphyxiate etc. Caster might have insta cc as a defensive 1v1 like fear.
Would seem fair till the DK just gets kited around till death, it has defensives just for the situation, it can death grip to close the gap occasionally, asphyxiate, but caster can just freely attack keeping range the entire fight.

It may stop alot of problems, but it will create more.
Whether at the end of it theres less problems then initially, or more we wont know till the fix is in place.
It does seem like the sort of fix blizz would consider, a easy sorta fix.
It still misses the point on the real problem, blizz doesnt wanna spend the time looking at each class and each spec of each class individually ina pvp environment.

These are the people that should have the combined knowledge of nearly all things wow.
I like to say theyre clueless, but obviously with the game we play, they know enough to do whats right.
It basically comes down to not caring, not wanting to put the proper effort in or not taking them extra few steps passed the easy blanket fix and doing it right or close to right the first 3-20 attempts.
Some comps will always counter other comps, but the real problem is when a certain class/spec becomes overpowered/underpowered to the point that it works well with virtually anything.

Synergy is an aspect of WoW where you work to find different group organizations to maximize strengths and minimize weaknesses, but when you can basically bring one class/spec in almost ANY comp and it remains basically as good if not better then with virtually any other alternative... clearly something is wrong.

For example you almost NEVER see a Disc priest in Arena, and when you do many times it means the other team either has to severely out-play you or they will lose simply due to mechanic differences.

Also if you look at Frost Mages and their potential use in comps, almost any comp in the game is improved if you replace with a Mage = imbalance.

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