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Ive got a issue with how ive gotta grind rep with my alts to gain access to gear that ive already did the grind with on my main. The vp buff is nice but doesnt help the fact that you still have to grind the rep with alts. I feel that if i have a main whos revered/exalted with factions then so should all my other toons that are lvl 90. Is it to much to ask considering it took almost 2 months to get revered/exalted with on my main. Those that dont have the time to grind everyday are at a constant disadvantage.

I can deal with the quests and so on, on my main thats expected to work for what i need. But for alts i feel they shouldnt have to be put into the same category of a main considering they have less time to actually play.
You are talking about a game design feature that you would like to see changed.
This is the wrong forum for that.

Try the general forum.

This forum is for in game or account related issues, it is not a suggestions forum for changes in game design.
5.1 Patch Notes -

Grand Commendations are now available for purchase from all Mists of Pandaria faction vendors at Revered reputation. Using a Grand Commendation will permanently increase the amount of reputation gained with that faction across all characters on a account.
The commendations, are the BOMB.

Grabing at revered, even speeds up leveling on your main. I got mine, just after i started into revered into shadow pan. 6 days later, exalted (or something like that), would have been 2x as long without.

And this does help with alts, right from the get go.
Does it remove the need alltogether? no.

But main/alt is a player perspective.. blizz views each person that is doing that thing, as a potential main.. or only character. Lore wise, etc.. THAT character needs to prove themselves to faction X, to get something..
thank you i didnt see they implemented that musashi thank you very much

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