gtx 550 ti or gtx 560 ti

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I am looking at the cards mentioned above. I want to play on high. Prefferbally ultra but replacing viedo card on a budget, i have amd 6 core processor, 4gig ram, i just cant find info on fps i will get from the 2 cards. I will also b upgrading my ps to a 600w+ quick reponses appericated considering im wanting to by in the next few days
There's a large gap in performance between 550 Ti and 560 Ti. So, 560 Ti would be nice.

However, Radeon HD 7850 can be had for about the same price as 560 Ti, and HD 7850 will outperform an 560 Ti.
Performance without price is hard to answer.

And like Kalganized said, there may be better alternatives for your costs.

But here's something from PassMark:

GeForce GTX 550 Ti 1908 69 15.33 $124.45

GeForce GTX 560 Ti 3496 18 17.66 $198.00

Radeon HD 7850 3695 17 22.40 $164.99

And the 7850 if you want to see.
To explain the cards from a hardware viewpoint:
550ti is (literally) a souped-up GTS-450, while 560ti is a dumbed-down 570/580 core. That is enough for me to decide that 560ti is a better card, in addition to the "terrible for the price" things you will hear about 550ti. The 560ti "448-core" is an even less dumbed-down 570/580, enough that the chip is also designated as a GF110 GPU, being a strait-up 570 chip with only some additional features disabled (580/590 also use the GF110 chip). A good 560ti 448-core will overclock to outperform a stock 570 rather easily, so these two cards are somewhat redundant in the marketplace. I got a 570 because I found a deal on a used one, but the 448-core 560ti was oftentimes a relatively smarter buy, based on price vs performance. There was recently a killer Newegg deal on EVGA Classified 560ti 448-core... it's prolly gone, but that is the kinda thing to watch for if you want an nvidia card in the same league as a 570 for less. (was probably a tough decision for EVGA to even release a 560 that can challenge their own reference-style 570s)

But yea, listen to these other guys, they study relative price/performance quite a bit and are certainly qualified to make that kind of recommendation, that's what they do... whereas I am sometimes brand-biased to the point of monetary masochism. =P
FWIW, having run this PC with both a 450 and a 570, I'm pretty sure that any of the related cards mentioned would meet my own needs.
560 over the 550ti. I have a 550 ti and I'm looking to replace it as well. Will try a Radeon card this time around.

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