Atonement & Penance

When using Penance to damage rather than heal (and therefore healing through atonement), is each tick of Penance able to trigger an Atonement heal on different raid members?

i.e. By healing through Atonement/Penance am I effectively able to hit 3 different targets?
Yes. Regardless of where the Atonement comes from, every heal picks its own target. However it would only heal three different targets if each heal brought them high enough for the next heal to pick somebody else.

E: Or they were healed high enough by something else/someone else dips lower. Whichever.
I agree with Nysem, I'm also seeing upwards of 90-110k+ damage crits when my int procs align. (jade spirit + WotE-pure spirit, int proc trinket)
Thanks Nysem :)

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