(A)<DoA> Recruiting10mHM(6/6)(1/6)HM+(3/6)HoF

*We are always recruiting exceptional players of any class and spec.

Mogu'Shan Vaults - 6/6 (1/6 Heroic)
Heart of Fear - 3/6
Terrace of Endless Springs -

For more information visit our website:
Check out the recruitment section & General Information forum post.
Whisper Thrize or Xealer in game.
Battle Tag: xeo23#1251, xealer#1777

Guild Name: DoA
Faction: Alliance
Realm: Turalyon US
Realm Type: PvE
Realm Timezone: EST
Battlegroup: Stormstrike

-Note the PVE server: Several of us will be pursuing glad and pushing high rated bg so it would be nice to get some solid pvpers.

(Class preferences in order)
Healers: 2
Ranged DPS: 2 (Shaman, Druid)
Melee DPS: 1 Exceptional Meele (Ret, Warr)
Tank: 1

*We don't recruit for the bench, but as any progression focused guild, we'll never have everybody available all the time. We rotate raiders as evenly and fairly as possible between fights. We look to have a core as small as possible so that sitting out is at a minimum. I personally sit out when ever the option is there to give others more raid time.

Tues/Wed/Thurs 10pm-1am Server Times (EST)

<DoA> is a progression guild on Turalyon. We have two main targets, in order.

1. Be a dominating force in 10 man raid content.
2. Acquire gamers of all types that want to have a sense of community.

What can you expect?

DoA functions under two different approaches to recruitment, for the purpose of bringing people together in an enjoyable manner.

Core Raid Group – This group is a continuation of our previous successes throughout all of WoW’s raiding history. Downing current hard-mode content is our goal. Those capable of this know what it takes, so I won’t waste your time in posting it. This isn't a group to get your hand held. You play your class right, pull your own weight and you'll be fine. If you think you have what it takes, please contact us. We are looking for you. We have a very close and friendly group and everybody is included in decisions made. We have lots of fun but we are very serious when it comes to raid progression. As mentioned, we want to be the best, and are looking for the best players to join us.

DoA Community – This was established to build on our successes in the past and open up opportunities to those whom are looking for an environment based on maturity, success, and fun. This is for those who no longer have the time to dedicate to a set raid schedule or organized and top-tier pvp, or those who are more laid back and desire more casual play. There is no application process, and all we want from you is your friendship. You will have ours in return.

-We're looking for casual players who are interested in being part of a successful yet more laid back and casual raid group. I can almost guarantee success for this group, as I will help with the entire preparation process. I need someone reliable and interested in running such group. I will help with every aspect of putting it together. This raid group is for the more casual raid community within the guild. Anybody with a great attitude that knows how to have fun will be allowed into the guild (no drama).

-Also looking for someone who’s very interested in organizing successful Rated BGs.

What do we expect?

DoA Community – All we expect is a good sense of humor and enjoyment of the time we spend playing WoW. You are encouraged to join the guild in dungeons, pvp, casual raids, and the like. Again, the important things are maturity, success, and most of all fun. Feel like a family with us and have a kick @$$ time.

Core Raid Group – We want to get stuff done, and we want to get it done before others. We expect you to have the confidence that you play your class better than most others. We expect near perfect attendance. We expect preparation, min/maxing, research, and a desire to be successful. We also expect to be drowning in purples.

If you think you have what it takes, please contact me. I am looking for you.

Although your gear is considered in the recruitment process it does not make or break your chances. Having what it takes to be a strong raider and getting along with us is more important than having the greatest gear around. Also of note is our attendance policy, although we would like you to attend every raid, real life always takes priority over a video game. All we ask is that you let us know before hand so we can plan for your absence.

*Application is not required. We get our initial thoughts about you through an interview. An application, however, can increase your odds and helps us get a better understanding of you.
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