FDK In need of Permanent RBG Team

I'm looking for a solid RBG team with synergy and a good leader. (1700-1900)
MMR isn't that important to me but I'm looking for a team to grind it out to 2200+ and runs multiple nights a week.

Currently My MMR is 1700, I've been higher.
T1 Upgraded Weapon 2/2
(Full Mal except for the Set, On tues i'll have 12/15 mal)
51% pvp power (Not stacked though)
61.5% pvp resil

Before you ask - I'm not the best at target calling, unless the main caller dies. I'm good at taking over in those stressful exceptions. I can play much better being able to CC/Switch/Burst/Slow incs/Interrupt - without having to scan the map and call targets throughout the game. Although I guess i'm alright at it if I HAVE to be the main target caller.

and YES I can be FC/ faker if needed

Reply to this thread with your Skype if interested, ill get a hold of you tonight or tomorrow.
Or send an in-game mail/request. Battletag is Adderall#1791

PS. I'm not a scrub like most DKs by the way >_< I realize dmg means nothing in rbgs. I play my class to help my team win, not to top the charts -_-

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