Shadow Priest LF Raiding Guild


Currently I have a Warrior who is 6/6 in MSV and a rogue who is 4/6 in MSV (1/6 in HoF) and i'm looking for a place to put this Priest. Up front, I do not heal, unless you have someone willing to teach me, other than that I am solid DPS and know the fights. Looking for almost any time frame except Friday night, Saturday night and Sunday nights. Current guild is great but no slots available, PST in game!
I'm checking the forums regularly as well :)
I have a spot open, we raid Tues / Wed / Thur 6-9 server. I'm on most days after 4PM so if you're interested in talking more send me a in game tell.

Hey hey there. We're actually looking to fill a shadowpriest spot for our 25m raid team. We raid Tues/Thurs 6:00pm-9:30pm server time.

If you're interested, check out for more info and how to apply. Hope to hear from you!
Thanks you two, I'll check you out in game :)

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