WTS Alani mount

Hi all,

I've obtained a Sky Crystal and want to sell this BoP mount at a starting bid price of 65k gold.

For those who don't know it yet, this mount is BoP from killing Alani (Rare dragon flying around vale of eternal blossoms).

To prevent scams from both sides you may mail me in-game and add me as a battletag friend. We party and an upfront payment is made. You will be master looter and I will follow you to release the shield on Alani and help you kill it.

If interested kindly pst me in-game (Zenlolss or Zenlols) or here.

allie / horde?

Not sure if you are able to tag it after i remove the shield but if that's possible, a neutral-AH trade (pay-first) can be arranged (e.g. I put an item up for 65k net price after AH cut, u buy it, we meet in Vale, i remove shield u tag it)
Still looking for a buyer [Horde Side] @ 65k gold! contact me in-game or leave a msg here
Do not believe you can do it cross-faction, I recall a blue post saying they hot-fixed it so you can't steal it.

I would assume the person who breaks the shield gets to loot it regardless so you would need to be grouped.

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