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Ok, digamos que eu queira um set T6 para transmogrification, mas eu não tenho uma guild e nem consigo solar Black Temple.

Existe alguma opção viável?
Not to be bad, but you will have a better chance of being answered if your question is in English...
The answer to your question is yes.
He says he wants to get a T6 transmog set but he does not have a guild and he cannot solo Black Temple. He is asking if there is an alternative to get the set.

(I take Spanish but not all of these words are Spanish.. It's similar to Spanish. Looked the words I that I didn't know, he's speaking Portuguese. lol)

Black Temple, Hyjal e Sunwell Plateau são o único lugar que você pode obter as peças de T6. Eu recomendaria tentar encontrar uma guilda ou recebendo cerca de dez amigos para ajudá-lo.

(Black Temple, Hyjal and Sunwell Plateau are the only place that you can get the T6 pieces from. I would recommend trying to find a guild or getting around ten friends to help you out. )

I used a translator to help me out, as I'm not too smooth with my Portuguese :)
I apologize, I don't speak Portuguese. There is a version of this set in a different color that you can obtain for honor points:

It can be purchased from this NPC:

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