Revelations recruiting!

Burning Legion
Level 25 guild! Currently 4/6 MSV and 1/6 HoF 10man, we, dedicated players raid as many days of the week as possible. Main days are Tues-Thursday. Our raid times are 9:30pm server until we call it. We supply flasks, gems, and enchants for your raiding needs.

In search of a healer, preferably Priest or Monk, but we could fit a Pally in. Please come decently geared of 465+ with skills or 470 iLvL. We also have a side-spot for a DPS but we mostly have it filled.

We are putting together a 2nd raid group or attempting to merge with another guild. Also in search of more level 90s! Friendly players Welcome! Ventrilo active and we also run

Please feel free to send tell to Skyraven, nights. Or Kumbiya (GM) and Deepin during days. Thanks for your time. Sincerely best Hunter on server, well behind Shoot, big T, and Recount killer Athari. :<)

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