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Im wondering about the new Potion Of Luck that has been put ingame in 5.1.

The old one lasted 1 hour and had a 1 hour cooldown. The new one lasts 20 mins but still has a 1 hour cooldown, is this intended ? or was it overlooked ?

Its going to really suck if i can only use one pot for 20 mins every hour.
As far as I can see, it's intended. If you want to see a change with it, you can post about it over on the Professions Forum, or you can use the in-game Suggestion Feature and let the Devs know how you think it should be changed.
I got some questions about this one.

It says something about u get more chance to get items in pandaria:

1. Does if work on instances like LFR ?
2. What are the numbers for "sightly luckier" ?
3. Is is worth to waste a Golden Lotus for 20 mins of "luck".? it would be better to know the % rate improvement here wouldn't it.?
It doesn't work like extra % to get epics off bosses....

You get a chance off any mob with a loot table to drop Plundered Treasure. It can contain Gold, Cloth, Ore, Motes, Weak Blues and Greens.

It has roughly a 5% chance to drop per mob.
Still seems stupid to have the 1hr cooldown if the original one didn't havea 2-3 hour cooldown. Whats the problem with having the potion up all the time anyways? Seems like a good way to maximise your play time if you have a very limited gaming window available to you.
20mins is kinda dumb, but if its a change Blizz wanted to make then fine, I can live with it. What irks me is that being an Alch should get me 40mins. Thats my biggest complaint.
It was a lame item when it was one hour.

20 minutes? Why bother.
It seems to do more than just give a chance of Plundered Treasure. I always seem to get more greens and motes when I am on the potion.

Also seems to work with quest drops. If I have a Luck potion running when I do Fatty Goat steak daily I'm done in 4 kills.

Oh if you do use it in LFR make damn sure you have a lot of room in your bags, cause they fill up fast.
be careful with this because everyone in the group who has a potion has to roll for the same pludered treasure. It seems to produce decent results in LFR when there is a lot of trash but then you have to win the roll.

Also note that potion masters can make more than one at a time.

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