Beast Master or Survival?

I can't decide between the two =(. Which one is better for PvE? I don't PvP hardly at all anymore.

Also..does it matter whether or not I use Glaive Toss or Barrage? Same for Lynx Rush and Murder of Crows.

Thanks for any help =)
Go to pull up your toon and play around with talents and specs. It depends on your gear and play style. For me Patch 5.1 improved survival to where it is doing much better dps in aoe and slightly better on single target than BM. I know that Dire Beast calculates better dps than TOTH, but for me i don't like playing using Dire Beast. Glaive Toss is safe and i don't trust barrage to not pull all the dps in the raid. But you may find that you like it better. Don't be afraid to play and experiment.
Thanks for the website. I've asked other hunters I've grouped with what they thing and I either get ignored or kicked =/.

I do around 45K as BM currently (just did 49068 on Wing Leader Ner'onok) I'm not sure if that's where I should be or not.

I kind of prefer BM mostly due to the blue spirit beast I have. I just didn't know whether or not it would be competitive or not in raids.

I checked the website and it's saying some of my gear cannot be found =(.
BM for single target (pretty much every fight in raids except Windlord in Heart of Fear).
SV for AoE (again, Windlord).

Glaive Toss all around.

Murder of Crows when you can get full duration on a target (boss fight). Lynx Rush otherwise.

Judging DPS on that fight is pretty meh, since he switches sides and there are periods of zero DPS on him. For your gear it's not bad.

Get Lord Blastington's scope, never mirror.

Not sure if you are waiting on better bracers, but there's an agility enchant for them.

Get expertise capped for bosses (7.5%).
You can enchant expertise on your gloves to help.

Replace wrath glyph in your BM spec for animal bond.
I've been trying to get the Agility enchant but it's far to expensive on my server ATM, and same with blastington =(. I'm going to be moving my Priest over next week (she's my Engineer so I can make my own scopes)
honestly it depends on which you can play well. bm has more micro-cooldowns to manage than sv, and sv can feel more spammy. single target wise they are pretty close since the srs buff.

bm does pull ahead if played perfectly, but many people feel more comfortable with sv. honestly the only real time bm is 'needed' since the srs buff imo is when the raid needs something that only an exotic pet can provide.
12/05/2012 05:40 PMPosted by Aikeiko
I've been trying to get the Agility enchant but it's far to expensive on my server ATM, and same with blastington =(. I'm going to be moving my Priest over next week (she's my Engineer so I can make my own scopes)

Honestly I agree with you on the bracers. The agility enchant is far too expensive. I don't recommend it to anyone until you at least get 476 bracers.
I like BM for pvp, but Survival has always felt better to me to play in PVE. I was glad to see that so far it feels pretty much exactly like it did in Dragon Soul with a few more cooldowns to watch and no ES-ES-CS-ES staggering. It feels really good to be able to mash that damn button finally.
I run both myself. BM for single target and surv for AOE/trash. As other people have stated it's all a matter of your play style right now because of how close they are. I've been a fan of big red since BC and will continue to be a fan of big red so that's what I play primarily. However survival is much more forgiving of mistakes and latency. Missing a KC by a couple seconds or clipping aMoC during readiness can drop your DPS by a noticeable amount so if you have a high latency you won't reach full potential.

AMoC is ahead of lynx rush if you can get a full duration. Short situations go LR. Always use glaive.

Femaledwarf is your best resource for tinkering.
I use Survival for both Heroics and raids. But it's a personal preference since I've been playing as SV since Wrath. BM is better for single target, but I think I pull pretty good numbers as SV, especially since I know my spec.

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