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What is the point of giving us JP awards for LK and later dungeons? If it was a usable amount it would seem reasonable, but its not. 14 JP per LFD and the cost of even level appropriate gear is still just as high as when it was current content. There is honestly no point to giving us this piddly award at this point. Unless the cost of lower level gear is dropped to be proportionate with that levels JP awards, all it will ever mean is "Woo I get to start with a few hundred JP when I hit max level, whoopty feakin doo."

I understand that the lower JP award is to stop people from maxing it out and being able to buy gear right away. I am not suggesting that it be raised, just that older gear prices be lowered to be proportionate to the reward. If I level only in dungeons shouldn't I have just as much right to be able to afford that JP gear as a person who levels solely PVP has to get PVP gear.

I don't expect any response to this, I just needed to get it out. As someone who second or third favorite thing to do is leveling new toons.
I noticed this too when leveling an alt. At 80 you'll be able to start Cata dungeons. At 85, MOP. You start to get more and more JP for running dungeons the further you level. The whole point of it is to hit 4000 JP by the time you get to lvl 90, buy a couple pieces of justice gear, and go hit up some heroics.

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