Looking for a blue confirmation on balance

Death Knight
Frost Death Knight pvp -

I am currently beyond frustrated with playing my class to the best of my ability and losing over and over to certain classes that keep killing me within several seconds for reasons beyond my control (example if a warrior charges and shockwaves I often have no runic power to stop it and die within that shockwave with decent pvp gear). If !@#$ up the timing on my horn of winter, I enter opening stuns with no choice but to sit through it and almost die or waste trinket to be stunned again. Icebound is only 20% dmg reduction, runic power cost of icebound is silly as can never be used at start of arenas, to self heal and survive I have to sacrifice dmg and dmg resources, strangulate is never available when needed unless blood tap talent is taken. The list goes on....

I just want to hear from a blue that the class is working as intended and is balanced so that I can know no buffs are coming and wont bother trying to play my DK anymore.

(Whilst im aware 2v2 is not balanced which is majority of my experience, I am finding that it is beyond a slight lacking that can be explained by 2v2 vs 3v3, it is overall a severe lacking that is causing losses from my inability to react to certain abilities from resource starving.)
Reinhart made a survey for just this reason.
Just had to say hello, I've seen you around Aman'Thul. =]
If you are looking for a Blue post, you aren't going to find one here.

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